• School and ISD Investigations

    No one has more experience conducting investigations in schools, ISD's, or private companies who provide substitutes, coaches and administrators than Special Investigations Group... Read More
  • Litigation Support

    The most critical facet in any courtroom is the credibility of the information presented. Let us show you how our methods of collecting the information your attorney needs is critical to your victory in court, while saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees... Read More
  • Crisis Management

    No matter how blessed our lives, how charmed our existence, things still inevitably, irrevocably go wrong. Eventually bad things find us all. No matter what your situation, Special Investigations Group is prepared to lead you through challenging times at moment's notice.... Read More
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Employee Misconduct

Employee Miscondict

Crisis Avoidance

From theft of trade secrets to inappropriate contact with students, there is always risk involved in employees. Let us help you minimize that risk be designing a pre-employment program catered to your company or school needs.

  • Warning Signs.
  • Prevention Strategies.
  • Ongoing Training and testing.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Employee, Faculty and Student Safety
    Student and Faculty Safety.
  • Everyday Protection Strategies To Reduce Violence

Internal Investigations


Violations Of Trust

It only takes a click of a mouse and a file containing your trade secrets or confidential client information just went to a competitor. The next thing you know, your company is losing millions and you have no idea why. Your attorney begins a costly process of issuing subpoenas and conducting depositions to try and find out what is going on, and attorneys, as everyone knows, can cost a lot of money. When attorneys attempt to conduct investigations, legal fees can quickly climb into the tens-of-thousands of dollars-and that's before anyone ever steps into a courtroom. Is there any way to limit these costs?

Special Investigations Group believes we can!  More Information


Positions of Trust:


Uncovering Predators Before Hiring Them.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, one of every ten public school students may experience some form of sexual abuse from a public school employee. Taking a proactive approach to protecting our nations children from predators through thorough background investigation and training is key. 

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Anti-Trust Investigations

  • When competition is manipulating the markets....

Fraud Investigations

  • Don't pay claims you shouldn't.

Workplace Violence

  • Workplace Violence